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Roland Jehring (

August 24th, 2004

  • heavy programming and bug fixing in cooperation with AG!
  • I think version 1.2 will be finished in September

UV2BMP is a plugin for Cinema4D XL 6.3 and above ( It should run in Cinema ART and Bodypaint too.


Use it at your own risk!

With this plugin you can display the unwrapped uv-coordinates of a polygon object (with uvw-tag). Additionally you can manipulate the uv(w)-coordinates using so called "texture objects".

The generated uv bitmap can be used as a blueprint for texture painting.

Download UV2BMP 1.0 (August 16th, 2001) (zip file, 25 KB)


Please remove any older versions of uv2bmp.cob!

Decompress the ZIP-File with Stuffit-Expander or Winzip etc. into the plugin folder of Cinema4D. After that there should be an uv2bmp folder containing the uv2bmp.cob file and some subdirectories.

Restart Cinema4D or choose the "Reload Plugins" menu item in the console window (not XL8! You have to restart XL8!).

Here you can download the old beta-versions.